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A Journey Together

Kindergartners Wired for Learning Kindergarten students are thirsty for knowledge and their excitement is palpable. As the days progress, I am witnessing first-hand the process of how a young mind untangles the symbols of language by stringing the sounds of … Continue reading

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*Part of my job as a learner is to know how the kids are doing it. My teenage daughter hashtags everything. It is how she quotes and promotes different sayings. Thus- the title. If you are interested in downloading the … Continue reading

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Global Citizens?

The other day, on the #1 train, I think I spotted a global citizen. Instead of loitering by the door, as many subway riders are apt to do, blocking people from entering and exiting, she was seated and actually offered … Continue reading

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The Autumn Chill

So this week I’d like to talk about something that I call the “Autumn Chill”….let me explain. For me, there’s nothing more exciting than the start of a new school year. With the excitement of some new school improvement initiatives, … Continue reading

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