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Turkey and Gratitude

So I’m still bloated from last night’s American Thanksgiving celebration (thank you Meagan and Mike), and even though I’m Canadian, I have to admit that I still love helping my neighbors to the south put away all that yummy turkey … Continue reading

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  Gratitude “Only the educated are free.”  ― Epictetus   To honor a day that should be less about consumption and more about gratitude. To the teachers who we are given, who we find and who accompany us along the way: … Continue reading

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Winter Break: International Teaching Style

One of the most amazing things about international teaching is the ability to travel. Most families budget specifically just for travel. When Jamie and I moved overseas, we saved about $5000 a year by not having to pay for gasoline. … Continue reading

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How to get an international teaching job

1) Skip the job fairs: I won’t make any friends in the business by saying this, but it is true. They can crush your soul and make you feel like livestock, not a professional. You are not at your best … Continue reading

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We All Play a Part

So this week I’d like to talk a little bit about distributive leadership, and how if the right people are placed in the right places, and empowered to lead, then a division will pretty much run itself. I just spent … Continue reading

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Mind the Gap

                (Crossposted on There is so much going on right now in schools and education in general. My strategy for coping with the onslaught is to sit down and make a plan. … Continue reading

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Five Keys to Running a Great School

Seventeen years after ceasing my career as an international school head, I am still unpacking the most important lessons I learned. I headed two schools, in very disparate circumstances, for 23 years and would like to share five enduring observations … Continue reading

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The Paradox of International Schools

Wordle the mission statements of international schools and I am sure you will see wonderful patterns like the one above espousing the virtues of educating young people in a globalized environment of interdisciplinary responsibility, innovation and compassion. Then visit one. … Continue reading

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Your Mission Statement in November

So, how’s that global citizen, creative, collaborative, interdisciplinary, inclusive mission statement at the bottom of your web pages doing? Seemed like a good idea when you were writing it during that retreat in the Spring of 2011? How about now, … Continue reading

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Workshops Without Power Points

Dear Presenter, What I am about to suggest is without arrogance or flippancy. Do you think that for your next conference presentation that you could forgo the power points? Ok. No intention to be extreme. A few slides to illustrate … Continue reading

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