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Come Together

In times of tragedy people come together. Communities and whole countries unite to help each other cope and understand. Grief isn’t isolated, but shared. Questions- even if there are no answers- can be posed to others rather than pondered alone. … Continue reading

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The Importance of Arts Education

So we completed two very important jobs over the past week…we finalized the results from our community climate survey, and we got all of our students to register for next year’s courses and classes. I love receiving this necessary feedback … Continue reading

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Good morning class, today we cure cancer

What are you waiting for? There are millions of words that have been written about how the floodgates have opened on the information age, the conceptual age, and now what is being termed the ‘golden age of education.’ But we … Continue reading

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My Favorite Quote!

So just over a week ago I was in Singapore for our Spring holiday and it was truly amazing. We went as a family to enjoy some warm weather, to see some old friends, and to spend some quality time … Continue reading

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Vienna sausage and the arts

Okay, on second thought the title should have led with Vienna arts instead of sausage. But it would not have been as much fun. I just wrapped up a spring break from school and had a rejuvinating time in Vienna … Continue reading

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