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The Having of Difficult Conversations

The Having of Difficult Conversations This is the part of leadership that is not taught in graduate school. We address curriculum, instruction, finance, governance, assessment, accountability, and data. But not this one. When is the last PD session where this … Continue reading

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Why the International Life Takes Courage

It’s mid-June and we’re down to the last week and half of school. Exams have started, teachers are getting ready to leave for the summer, and many are getting ready to move on entirely. We’re at that point in the … Continue reading

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Commence with Courage

It is the time of year when commencement speeches are being shared with groups of new graduates. Some of the best are available for all of us to learn from on the web.  After watching a few, I started thinking … Continue reading

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Oh to be a Teacher…

So I went for a run yesterday through a park close to where I live. It was a gorgeous summer-like day, and it felt like the entire neighborhood was out enjoying the sunshine…families having picnics, people fishing in the pond, … Continue reading

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Summer Break for International Educators

For most teachers, summer break is a time for relaxation, catching up on good books, traveling, and unwinding from a long school year.  For an international school teacher, this time is spent doing these things, but it could also be … Continue reading

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Bringing the Boom: What Hollywood Teaches us about Staying Inspired in the Classroom

If you’ve ever watched a movie in the genre of the Inspirational Teacher, you’ll recognize the formula: there’s a teacher who’s up against an evil administration; or unfeeling, conservative parents; or callous budget cuts (usually in the arts,) with a … Continue reading

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So I opened one of the final music concerts of the year last Thursday and it was really, really inspiring. To see how far our kids have come musically over the past year or two was truly something special for … Continue reading

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