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Are you an expat or a global professional?

I am teaching a university course on leadership across cultures to an audience of twenty different nationalities and used thisarticle by Professor Peiperl from IMD. The conversation was fascinating. Where do you rank? You are an expat if… You manage … Continue reading

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Coming Home

So this week I want to talk about the process of recruiting, and the incredible learning that happens both personally and professionally when you go through this experience from an administrator’s perspective. If I’m being honest though, the best part … Continue reading

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Innovation and Creativity

I am writing this week’s posting from 44G, my assigned seat on the plane returning me to Brasilia. It has been nearly two weeks since I departed from Brazil to attend a series of international teacher recruitment fairs, planning meetings, … Continue reading

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Teacher Recruitment

A common and defining characteristic associated with international schools is that of transience. The ephemeral nature of many our community members’ tenures in international schools necessitates the ongoing management of change processes. The positive features of this constant change are the … Continue reading

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Building a Culture of Resiliency

Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind. –Bruce Lee Today is International Day at my school. It is a massive undertaking, involving over 1200 people. There are … Continue reading

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Coding vs Social Media Education: A Global Competency Faceoff

One of my favorite quotes is by musician Charlie Mingus who said that true genius lay in making the complex simple. It is right up there, in my mind, with Peter Drucker’s “Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast” and the Serenity … Continue reading

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Sustaining Excellence Over Time…

People at my last job gave me feedback that I was too enthusiastic about sport, maybe even too “American” in that respect. Looking back, I think it was because it provided the clarity and focus on a goal that I … Continue reading

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The Life of Pi and Waist Deep Powder

My son Ian and I are pretty good skiers. We’ve been at it as long as we can remember. Today in Switzerland we received over three feet of fresh powder snow which sounds like paradise but can be equally terrifying. … Continue reading

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