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“EdKids” in the international school community: Who cares?

For your holiday reading pleasure… How cool to be the author of a new moniker, describing a unique group in our international school community – “EdKids.” An “EdKid” is a child of an educator who works in the same school … Continue reading

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Unplug for the Holidays!

So the holiday break is agonizingly close, and I know that we are all excited about the opportunity to rest, relax, recharge, and to reflect on the last 4 and a half months of school. It’s been a long run … Continue reading

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Around the World in 34 Years: Life in International & Charter Schools

I set off for my first international job in 1978, right out of Bard College, to become an ESL teacher in Bogotá, Columbia and have been indelibly bitten since. Culture has been my elixir. I’ve been educated by the world … Continue reading

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Best Practice in Teaching

Educators are, in my experience, always looking to improve themselves, and often seeking to live up to, or implement ‘best practice.’ But that’s a surprisingly complex idea, and it may even be that there is actually no such single thing. … Continue reading

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People are Beautiful

       So I have spent the last six weeks or so traveling around the world interviewing at amazing schools, trying hard to find that perfect long term fit for my family and career. It’s been an inspiring, exhausting, … Continue reading

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The Must Haves

As educators, we have an awesome responsibility.  We are charged with preparing our students for the future.  No matter what they may end up doing in the future – whether they are business people, authors, political leaders, or engaged in … Continue reading

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