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Take What the Mountain Gives You

Nireki Mountain Adventures Satish Man Pati makes me feel like a thimble of a man. Not because he’s full of great quotes like the title of this essay. Not because he climbed Mt. Everest like I decide to canoe across … Continue reading

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International Schools as Community Hubs

There is an old cautionary Chinese fable about a rather witless soldier who while crossing a river in a small boat, loses his sword over the side.  He scrambles to grab it, but acting too late…he watches in horror as … Continue reading

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Technology Surveys for New Hires

By: Tony DePrato | Follow me on Twitter @tdeprato Since 2008, I have been working with groups of new hires. There is much stress and confusion when people are relocating to another country. I always try and provide the information … Continue reading

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Changing tack… slightly

Hello all,   Greetings from Poland and Lithuania…   I am sure that most of you are relaxing – hopefully with family and friends, perhaps on a beach, climbing a mountain, cycling or sitting with a book near a pool.  … Continue reading

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