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Just wondering about a life-changing encounter.

As I am flying out to a recruitment fair, I would like to share a story that happened to me thirteen years ago, when I attended my first job fair as candidate in London. I have been sitting on this … Continue reading

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What to Read in 2019

So last week I turned 49…nice! I had a great birthday and I was spoiled rotten by friends and family, and the best gift that I received (the same gift that I get every year) came from my beautiful wife…money … Continue reading

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sweet to be home

Five months ago, my mother died, and I broke off my engagement with my fiancé. About a month later, I decided to quit international teaching and move back to the US. At the time, my Head of School asked me, … Continue reading

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A New Year’s Carry Over

So I cannot believe that it’s already the year 2019. Wasn’t it just yesterday that we were all stressing about the roll over to the new millennium, and wondering what the year 2000 would bring to the world? In some … Continue reading

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