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The Quality of Things Unseen: A Generational Divide.

Steve Jobs’ adopted father taught him the importance of building the back of wooden cabinets with as much care and attention as the front. This lesson on detail and care for the whole product stuck with Jobs throughout his career. … Continue reading

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A Collection of Tales from the Road: #2 Armenia

The birthplace of wine and the first country to adopt Christianity as a state religion is Armenia. An intriguing place that I almost didn’t visit. But as I pedalled south from Tblisi at short notice, I felt that, although hurried, I had recently discovered … Continue reading

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when students don’t consider themselves thinkers

I almost walked out on my class the other day. They weren’t doing anything terrible, just talking over me and over each other a bit, and a few hadn’t done their homework, but several moments had just happened consecutively that … Continue reading

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The Magic of a Great Mentor

So a couple of weeks ago I managed to reconnect with one of my favorite people on the planet, a retired international school leader named Tony Simone. Tony was my first Principal at Jakarta International School back in 2003 when … Continue reading

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A Collection of Tales from the Road: #1 Albania

See previous post for introduction and context. #1 Albania Entering from the south western corner at the coastal border with Montenegro, Niamh and I pedalled inland through dried earth, drained by olives and grapes. We passed a house ablaze with more whipping … Continue reading

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The Baby and the Bathwater

So this year we’ve embarked on a really exciting strategic planning initiative, which will guide our journey as a school over the next several years. In my opinion, we’ve had a wonderful start in many ways, and we’ve managed to … Continue reading

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Language Validates Our Lived Experiences: Recognize Cisnormativity

Follow Me on Twitter @msmeadowstweets International educators may be particularly aware of the importance of language, seeing as so many of us toggle between multiple languages in our everyday lives, and teach children who do the same. We’re privy to the … Continue reading

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