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Cybersecurity Part 4: Surviving Ransomware

Ransomware, in its most basic form, is self-explanatory. Data is captured, encrypted, and held for ransom until a fee is paid. The two most common forms of ransomware delivery are through email and websites. Continue reading

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Demos and feedback: Students learning from each other

This the fourth and final blog post in a series of reflections with Bill Tihen. I am pleased that, just as we finish processing Bill’s notes from his November visit with LAS visiting scholar Bret Thayer, Bill has scheduled a … Continue reading

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Uplift: Contextual Exploration and Building Student Confidence

This is the third in a series of four posts based on ongoing conversations with Bill Tihen. On a recent Sunday morning I was playing badminton with my nine-year old daughter. Our rallies were extraordinarily long, we had really gotten … Continue reading

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Turning Conversation Into Action

So I just returned home from the AAIE 2020 conference and frankly, I’m inspired. Actually, more than inspiration I’m feeling empowered and profoundly called to action as a result of the conversations that we all engaged in throughout the three days in New York. The … Continue reading

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The Educational Advance of the Decade Will Be Gender & Sexual Diversity Inclusion

If we consider the conservative end of the bracket, and posit that only 5% of people in the world are gender or sexually diverse today, this constitutes about 400 million individuals. If that was the population of a country, it would be the third largest nation on earth. Continue reading

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