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John Mikton is currently the Head of Education and Media Technology as well as Assistant Principal at the International School of Luxembourg. Previously, he was the Director of eLearning at the Inter Community School Zurich, Switzerland and the Director of Information Technology at the International School of Prague, Czech Republic. John is a trainer with the Principals Training Center (PTC), facilitating the Technology Leadership course. Additionally, he is an Appsevents presenter and summit speaker. He has 24 years of experience working in Education and Media Technology and 12 years as a Senior Leadership Team member in international schools. John is the author of the blogs: and


As the first days of 2018 arrive, any reflections on last year seem to contain an uncomfortable rawness because of the events continuously populating our devices – the immediacy, brutality and complexity of a world fueled by- “FakeNews?”, each one … Continue reading

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Puppets on a String

CC0 License:  The post is inspired by a L2talk I did at the Learning2 Europe conference in Warsaw. “Every storyteller has a bias – and so does every platform”-  Andrew Postman  “My Dad Predicted Trump in 1985 – It’s … Continue reading

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