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MIKE SIMPSON is the Director of Curriculum and Learning at The International School Yangon. Originally a lawyer from New Zealand, Mike has also worked in schools in Qatar, Venezuela, and Lesotho. Mike has a particular interest in the development of collaborative and innovative learning communities. He hopes that his blog might be of interest to other teachers and school leaders as they nurture these communities in their own schools.

The difference between winning and succeeding

This week I have been thinking and reading a lot about competition and whether or not it has a place in education. In 1986, Alfie Kohn wrote No Contest: The Case Against Competition. Kohn needs no introduction as an American academic … Continue reading

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If you are going to be anything, be compassionate

Yesterday will go down as one of New Zealand’s darkest days. My mother back in Christchurch messaged me to check the news. I had a hundred and one things to do at school that day, most of which remain on my … Continue reading

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