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Proserpina Dhlamini-Fisher is the Founding CEO of Educational Aspirations Ltd, a Global Educational Consultancy. She has studied and worked in international schools and organisations (IBO and UWCI) in Eswatini, USA, France, South Africa, Switzerland, Germany, Dubai and the UK in diverse roles. She is passionate about cultural diversity, teaching and learning, inclusion as well as leadership in international education. She is an advocate for student and teacher agency and shares her thoughts and her experiences as an African female school leader and educator in the international and global educational space. She is interested in the historical development of international education and the place people of colour hold in these institutions in the 21st century.

Racism alive in 2020- As school leaders what are the lessons we are teaching our international school communities?

As the sun goes down in beautiful Surrey tonight, tensions are high in my multi cultural household of 3 people. A caucasiian husband, african black mother and a biracial child who identifies strongly with both cultures, and is comfortable with … Continue reading

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School leadership during Covid-19 – what does it actually mean?

I am always fascinated by the interpretation of this role across the world, and what different school boards identify as priority when they are recruiting a new head. I say this because I have experienced serving with several school heads … Continue reading

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Home schooling, virtual learning, blended learning… what are we actually doing?

The reality of the past few months is that we were all propelled into a new world and forced to react and act all at the same time. Governments made decisions about schools and schooling with assumptions that many schools … Continue reading

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Whilst on Lockdown – praise to the educators!

Whilst on lockdown.. Hail and praise be to all Educators! No one would have ever believed that in 2020 we would be globally fighting an invisible enemy that would bring schools as we know them to a standstill and would … Continue reading

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