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Hello all,


Greetings from Poland and Lithuania…


I am sure that most of you are relaxing – hopefully with family and friends, perhaps on a beach, climbing a mountain, cycling or sitting with a book near a pool.  I hope you are getting a chance to read all those books that were piled up on your night table for the last 10 months.  I know the syndrome.  During the school year, we all have the best intentions to read the latest bestseller, for personal or professional edification, but after the second sentence… hmmmmmm…… we find the book on the floor next to the bed when we wake up in the morning.  Sound familiar?


So, right now, I would like to take advantage of your relaxed state and free time to introduce you to my latest research: Catalysts for a Career in International Schools.  This was a labor of love. I truly enjoyed receiving and reading almost 100 narratives from educators like yourselves. Categorizing the stories was very tedious, but in the end, I found 8 categories, which describe YOU.



I hope you enjoy reading the stories and the findings as much as I had writing it.

And… I would LOVE to hear your comments.

Keep enjoying your holiday


About Ettie Zilber

Ettie Zilber is a consultant to International School Communities and Families in Transition and a veteran international school educator and school leader. She has served in independent international schools in Israel, Singapore, Spain, Guatemala, China, and most recently in the USA. Her expertise extends to such topics as international school models, second/foreign language acquisition, communicating between diverse groups, the impact of international mobility and relocation on children, parents and staff, the special family experience of the educators' children, the orientation of newcomers, multi-cultural communities, catalysts for teaching internationally, and marketing of international schools. She is the author of Third Culture Kids: The Children of International School Educators. She can be contacted at
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