Tales from the Road: Sumatra – An Intense Introduction to Indonesia

About Matthew and Niamh

Matthew Good and Niamh Conway are international school teachers who met while working at the British School of Lome, in Togo, West Africa. They later moved to Uzbekistan, where they spent four years at Tashkent International School, each summer exploring another slice of the world by bike. Now the pair is on a bicycle world tour for two years. Niamh is an elementary school teacher originally from Limerick, Ireland who got her start in an Irish National School. Matthew is an Economics & Business Teacher from Watford, England who began his career at a comprehensive school near London. The Pedalgogy website features a blog and a photo gallery, while providing advice and maps for those interested in planning bike tours. As the touring teachers travel the world, they have been creating an online learning resource called Tedweb. By running workshops in schools, they now have a growing collection of stories from children around the world, allowing them to develop an awareness as global citizens. They have also been fundraising for the Prader-Willi Syndrome Association U.K.
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2 Responses to Tales from the Road: Sumatra – An Intense Introduction to Indonesia

  1. The old 80-20 rule still hiding true.

    A recent movie depicts how Indonesia’s natural resources, are exploited by foreign interests (in this case gold mining) in the movie Gold, starring Matthew McConaughey.


    • Hi Cindy. We haven’t come across this movie before, thanks for the recommendation. Would be good for us to understand more about the background of Indonesia while we cycle through. Will try to watch it when we come across internet strong enough for streaming. 🙂

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