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Don’t Resist the Day

So a very good friend and former colleague of ours is fighting a late stage, aggressive form of cancer……..and I’ve been feeling very sad. Speaking to him on the phone over the last couple of weeks has been heart-wrenching at … Continue reading

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Moving the Goalposts

Exactly… That’s just about how it feels sometimes, especially at the beginning of the school year. Just when you think you have it all figured out (unless you are a new teacher or administrator), someone moves the goal posts. It … Continue reading

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First Impressions

So far, this opportunity of living and working overseas is nothing short of dreamlike. As I navigate my new environment and my first days here, I am struck with the following impressions: · Living Conditions – The accommodations provided for … Continue reading

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Teaching in the Age of the Superstar Teacher

While the United States was learning about Major League Baseball player suspensions , I was in Hong Kong reading of other high paid superstars. But before I continue, please let me explain from whence I came. In February, 1990, freshly graduated from … Continue reading

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Arriving in a New City

Upon arriving, there was no time to waste. My bags were fetched, and in moments we were loaded into a car that would take me to my new apartment. I looked out the window with wide eyes as I speculated … Continue reading

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