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Let 2014 be the year of purpose, not position…

So much happened this year… So I went for a ski today in my backyard (which happens to be in the Swiss Alps) and it got me to thinking, as being in a beautiful place can do. So much happened. … Continue reading

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On Average

It’s Saturday and night and I am writing letters…the same kind of letters that so many heads and principals in international schools are writing… letters of recommendation for just about anyone we have ever worked with who wants a new … Continue reading

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How to Change a Nation

Eight years ago, Prince Saud bin Khalid Al Saud of Saudi Arabia founded and funded a new international school, the first of its kind geared to the needs of Saudi K-12 students. Until the creation of Advanced Learning Schools (ALS), … Continue reading

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The Leaning Tower of PISA

I doubt I am the first to come up with that title, but I liked it so much. The results of the PISA test (Program for International Student Assessment) have made headlines once again, and the leader of the free … Continue reading

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How to Enjoy Life Abroad after the ‘HoneyMoon’

We came to live in China as a family, full of hopes, a few expectations and a real sense of adventure! For the first three months, everything was new and exciting and we had our explorers’ hats on. Fast forward … Continue reading

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Holiday Magic

So it’s official…I have the holiday spirit! There’s something about this time of the year that puts an extra spring in my step, and puts an extra large smile on my face. I’m not sure if it’s the excitement of … Continue reading

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Timing is Everything

It’s 8am, Monday. “Okay, everyone, sit down and take out your books and go to page 37 and do the exercise B now. Why aren’t you listening? Richard, please sit down. You don’t have your book? Why are you late?” … Continue reading

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5 Tricks of the Trade for Substitute Teachers

By Kailie Nagrath As an intern my primary role is to be the ‘go-to’ substitute teacher for classes in grade levels from Preschool to grade 4. They didn’t Teach this in College So far, I have subbed for all grade … Continue reading

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Brain Breaks

So back in September I had the wonderful opportunity to listen to Judy Willis present about the science of learning, and I’ve been intrigued ever since. Her presentation has energized and inspired me over the past few months to look … Continue reading

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Best Practice?

  How many times have you heard the term ‘best practice’ uttered at a Board meeting, a workshop or a conference presentation? Too many, I am afraid. In a profession enamored with buzz words, this one gets used with the … Continue reading

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