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Trending Upward to Exhaustion

By: Tony DePrato | Follow me on Twitter @tdeprato I have written before about measurement and time management. These two concepts are essential for anyone in a leadership position to understand and practice well. However, as leaders, do you ever ask … Continue reading

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The Thin Line Between A Successful (and unsuccessful) Job Search

Hi Again; I’m inspired every day by the teachers I work with. They are consummate professionals and bring their “A” game every day. It’s a competitive world out there and as you know, it all starts with putting your best … Continue reading

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How do we think about our children?

 The Carpenter and the Gardener: Metaphor matters All parents know that having kids changes us in many ways; not just in the obvious things, but also in the profound assumptions we have of the world, and indeed of ourselves.  About … Continue reading

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Bathroom Laws and International Schools

Follow Me on Twitter @msmeadowstweets United States President from 2009-2017, Barak Obama, issued a statement last year reminding schools of their responsibility to protect the rights of all students, regardless of gender[1]. Specifically, his guidelines clarified the right of transgender students … Continue reading

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Taking your children on your international school journey has many BENEFITS for all members of the family!

Blog 4 For those of you who are already experienced international school educators, you probably have mental lists of your observations.  Maybe your observations focus on your own children, and maybe they focus on the children of your colleagues and … Continue reading

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How Do We Spend Our Time?

So over the last seven years, almost all of my posts have been directed specifically toward educators about topics related to education. This week however, I’m going to widen the scope a little bit and direct this message toward anyone with a beating pulse. You … Continue reading

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Confused? I hope so.

I’ve been spending a fair bit of time in lessons this week – just dropping in and out of classes for a few minutes.  It’s good to see what’s happening in the various areas, to talk to students about how … Continue reading

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Stronger Together

“We are stronger not despite our differences, but because of them.” ~Prime Minister Trudeau The recent horrific and tragic attack at the mosque in Quebec and the subsequent categorical response from Canadians and concerned citizens around the world is a poignant reminder of … Continue reading

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BYOD and Network Anonymity

By: Tony DePrato | Follow me on Twitter @tdeprato Many countries have begun to create or enforce new rules concerning online anonymity. Here are some examples of anonymity rules: South Korea , China, The United Kingdom These rules are manifested in places like coffee … Continue reading

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