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Over Developing Ideas

By: Tony DePrato | Follow me on Twitter @tdeprato Questions are the important thing, answers are less important. Learning to ask a good question is the heart of intelligence. Learning the answer-well, answers are for students. Questions are for thinkers. … Continue reading

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The Story You Don’t Know

So I had a really interesting experience the other day that I wanted to share. This experience inspired me to make a point of reaching out to people, and connecting with others, even people that I don’t necessarily know that … Continue reading

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Just wondering how we went from Thankshaving to Thanksgiving.

For me Thanksgiving has little meaning. Being French, Thanksgiving is not something that I have grown up with. While I studied it at school, from a civilisation point of view, it really is not something that resonates with me. However, … Continue reading

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Somebody’s Son, Somebody’s Daughter

So over the last several weeks as a family, we’ve been joining other parents, students and teachers in the heart of Paris to give out food, clothing and toiletries to the homeless. It’s an initiative that was started by an … Continue reading

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Lesbian teens have higher rates of pregnancy than straight teens (and why we need to include everyone in sex education)

Follow Me on Twitter @msmeadowstweets It’s true: lesbian teens have higher rates of pregnancy than those who identify as straight. Also, gay males are more likely to be responsible for a pregnancy during their teen years than straight males. It may … Continue reading

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