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Yes but… Syndrome

I like this cartoon. It dispels a myth and confirms a truth. The myth is that good ideas are born that way. The truth is that imagination generates new ideas and judgement determines whether they are good or not. To … Continue reading

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What’s the hurry? What I’ve come to believe about change

What’s the hurry?    What I’ve come to believe about change I consider myself to be an agent of change.  I’m in my forth headship in 17 years.  In each of these positions, I’ve approached them with the firm belief … Continue reading

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Just wondering about my Graduation speech to wrap up the year.

As we are finishing up with our academic year, that we have students, teachers, colleagues and friends moving on to different countries, that some of us are ready to jump on a flight to go back home for some time, I … Continue reading

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This post was born at a point in an after-school run where I was just clicking over from thinking about work to getting a song stuck in my head. I was thinking about the school that we are fundraising to … Continue reading

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If you are going to be anything, be compassionate

This post was written on March 16. Yesterday will go down as one of New Zealand’s darkest days. My mother back in Christchurch messaged me to check the news. I had a hundred and one things to do at school that … Continue reading

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Reflections on the Future of Learning

Consider the future for our current kindergarten students and what the world will be like when they graduate in the year 2031. Given the technological advances we are witnessing today, any description of our near future that does not resemble … Continue reading

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Bursts of Inspiration

So roughly seven years ago my big brother Tim had a full blown brain hemorrhage and stroke, and his road to recovery has been not only challenging for him and his family, but ridiculously inspiring as well. When the stroke happened he was … Continue reading

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Research Shows an Empty Backpack Is as Good as a Parachute @msmeadowstweets A study published in BMJ last year showed that parachutes are no more protective against death and injury than a standard, empty backpack[1]. BJM (previously the British Medical Journal) is a peer-reviewed publication, the study design was a … Continue reading

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