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being ‘home’

so what is it like to move back to the States after 6 years of living and teaching abroad? it’s basically wonderful. but that may be because i moved ‘back’ to the greatest city on Earth. for me, this is … Continue reading

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Plagiarism When TurnItIn Cannot Help

By: Tony DePrato | Follow me on LinkedIn Plagiarism is serious issue for most high schools. It is rare to find a school without a detailed plagiarism policy. Most of these policies have a few tiers, because it is common … Continue reading

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Your Brain on a New Job @msmeadowstweets This post is for those starting a first international school gig, or those in a new position/country who could use a reminder about beginning again. Share this with your colleagues who may fall into those categories. Arrival: Your … Continue reading

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Reframing The Lens

Reframing the Lens We go home to Minnesota every summer.  We have a cabin on a lake.  Really, in Minnesota, who doesn’t have a cabin on the lake, after all, it is the land of 10,000 lakes.  You can’t drive … Continue reading

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A Positive Start Matters

By: Tony DePrato | Follow me on LinkedIn Stress at the start of the school year is normal. I firmly believe that a positive start leads to a positive year. Here are some suggestions I like to give to people … Continue reading

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Just wondering about Turning the Tide

Unlike many of my colleagues, I discovered the US college admissions process as an educator and not as a student. As a French native, the process to go to university was painless back in the 90’s. You had to obtain … Continue reading

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