All the Little Things

So over the summer I spent some time in a little town called Port Hawkesbury, and every morning I’d get up and begin my day with a long run along the water. The road that I’d run was lined with businesses and beautiful family homes, all with a view of the sea and of the boats that sailed up and down the strait. Half way through this early morning routine I’d always stumble upon a little house on the street that seemed completely out of place. It was a run down shack of a home in desperate need of repair, and you could tell that the best years were behind it. One day however, as I was running past, I noticed that the owner had placed this huge, beautiful bouquet of bright yellow flowers out on the front porch, and it literally made me stop in my tracks. Suddenly this run down, out of place eye sore of a home had been transformed into the most beautiful house on the street, and from that day forward I woke up eager to see those yellow flowers…just seeing them filled my day with inspiration and filled my heart with joy. I began thinking about how in life it’s often times the little things that make a huge and profound impact in your life, and transform the ordinary, or less than ordinary, into memorable moments of beauty and inspiration.

Another similar experience happened just the other day on the first day of school with our students. I was welcoming all of the eager and anxious faces into the building when I heard a teacher say to a kid, “I was hoping all summer that you’d be in my class, and you are…this is going to be the best year ever!” Well, the child’s face looked like it was about to explode with happiness, and with that one simple little comment a child’s day (and year potentially) was transformed into something memorable, magical and special. Once again I was reminded of the power of the little things…the little comments and the little gestures, and all the small moments that make up our days, which ultimately have a tremendous and transformative impact on our lives.

As we all begin the year with our kids and with each other, I want to ask that you pay attention to these little things…these little moments that have such potential and such impact on a person’s daily experience. Whether it’s the way that you set up your classroom, or the way that you engage with the curriculum, or the way that you speak to the people that you meet throughout the day, remember that it’s the little things that hold tremendous power. Be conscious of the opportunity that you have to change someone’s day for the better with a single comment, or the opportunity that you have to engage a kid in their learning with a simple, personal connection. Recognize the unique beauty that all of our students have, and find a way to understand how they best learn…what makes them special and what sets them apart…what is it that makes them beautiful in their own right…what is their bouquet of yellow flowers that transforms them from ordinary to extraordinary? Find ways throughout each and every day to use these little moments to make inspiring, day changing memories for everyone that you meet. If we all commit to this, and keep it in the forefront of our minds, then we will surely be the positive agents of change for our community that we all desire to be.

Okay, with that I want to wish you all a tremendous school year, and I want to thank you in advance for striving to make this year the best one of your professional lives. I love the beginning of a new year because it holds so much promise and so much opportunity. Right now we have everything to win, and together we can bring our dreams to life…it starts now and it starts with the little things and the little moments that make up our days. Whether it’s a bouquet of yellow flowers or a simple comment to a child, the opportunity lies with us and it doesn’t take much. Our lives are made up of thousands of little moments as you know and most go by unnoticed…let’s find ways to make just a few of them throughout the day transformative for others. Have a wonderful week ahead everyone and remember to be great for our students and good to each other.

Quote of the Week…

Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in our hearts.

– Winnie The Pooh


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