E-volution: Post COVID Darwinism

Technology is shaping how we evolve as human beings, we are actually witnessing Darwinism. I would like to explain it this way, we are evolving into a new race due to technology. The way we think, we learn, we synthesise and we process is changing this very moment that I am typing my thoughts. Post Covid19, the world has changed not because of the virus but because of the way we have completely surrendered to technology.

In the context of education, technology has facilitated hybrid classroom altering the pedagogy of teaching and learning and human cognition. The sudden reliance on technology has impacted the way we all think and work. Our brain now responds to connectivity, virtual reality, and most importantly the touch; not the human touch but the one-touch on the screen. This one-touch that connects to a remote classroom anywhere in the world; that helps students to investigate problems and share solutions; that helps teachers to create a new pedagogy with technology leading the way. As I started teaching after Covid19,  I am learning every day how the next generation has evolved suddenly. They are evolving in the way they think,  and this evolution is becoming more rapid, more urgent. Its E-volution, evolution due to technology, not climate change, not DNA change nor Alien invasion! It is technology that is mutating our DNA for thinking, learning and creating; most certainly for the better. So the way forward is to embrace the change with open your arms, no notebooks, no classrooms, no whiteboard, just the human brain and its cognition are the new teaching resources.

Here arises a bigger question-as an educator I am always caught in the dilemma of how technology should be used in pedagogy? And here I am referring to secondary students. At a younger age it is absolutely necessary to hold hands of the little ones when they are trying to cross the technology highway; therefore should we be approaching educating teenagers the same way? To answer this question I have delved deep into my knowledge and experience of teaching and learning. I think the post Covid19 world will not be able to survive without technology, we face a bigger risk if we don’t make technology accessible to everyone on this planet. Because only technology will decide who survives this apocalyptic event. The deciding factor and the elimination factor both will be technology. We must prepare to evolve, the technological selection has been triggered by the virus and we are heralding to the next stage in human evolution. Invest in understanding bits, bytes and binary as this will not only help students learn in a way that they understand best, it will also alter their DNA and prepare them for change. Let us, as educators, not drown in this deluge of information technology, rather let’s lead the e-classrooms, e-collaborate with students, plan for e-assessments, design e-projects, give e-feedback, and teach e-organisation skills to cruise through the E-volution. As educators, we will be the driving force of this E-volution.

Whilst standing at the edge of the cliff open your arms wide and embrace the change, don’t cringe and step back, it is about the future, not the past. Technology is ushering the next stage in Darwinism, e-volution ushered by Covid19.

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