Here We Go Again…

I absolutely love the start of a new school year! I’m not sure that there is anything more beautiful than watching our kids spill off of the buses, or walk through the front gates of the school ready to get going again…excited, eager, nervous, apprehensive, and filled with hope of what lies ahead. There’s nothing more pure than the first few days of school in my opinion, with students and teachers armed with a clean slate and a chance to make this the best year of their lives. We have such an opportunity over the next few weeks to set the tone, and to give our little works of art the beginning that they are all hoping for and dreaming about. 

I ended last year with a post about using the summer to think of ways that you could be better this year…better educators, better mentors, better colleagues, and better versions of yourselves…your best selves. You see, we are in the incredible and enviable position of being able to inspire and affect dozens of young people’s lives in profound and immeasurable ways every single day…stop and think about that! I wonder if we truly understand how crucial it is for us to come to school every morning with the clear intention of changing a student’s life for the better, simply by being who we are as mentors and as role models. 
As we begin the new school year, I want you to ask yourselves how you’re going to spend each day this year…how will you approach each lesson…each interaction with your kids? How will you cultivate the relationships with your students and with each other, and will you live each day of the year with a sense of purpose and urgency. This is the only third grade year for our students…the only eight grade year…the only year as a senior…are you prepared to make this the best school year of their lives? Are you ready to be the best version of yourself not only for them but for you…are you prepared to be better? We’ll never get these first few days of school back, and the start that we give our students will resonate throughout the year. It’s all about relationships, and we need to start strong with that clearly on our minds.
I hope you are all as excited about tomorrow morning as I am, and I hope that you take the time to give EVERY one of our kids the start that they truly deserve. I have 6 weeks worth of hugs and smiles all saved up and I’m chomping at the bit to dish them out! The first week of school can sometimes be a little hectic and at times chaotic so be ready to roll with it and keep smiling. Thank you everyone for your hard work getting ready for tomorrow, and I want to wish you all a wonderful and inspired and better 2015-16! Have an amazing first week everyone and remember to be great for our students and good to each other. 
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  1. Thanks for delivering the message this teacher very much needed to hear as I head back to my HS classroom in Rochester, MN to start my best 18th year ever! Thank you for being my teacher this morning.

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