It was a VERY Good Year.

My kids took many pre-assessments for learning. This one is for the Fantasy unit.
My kids took many pre-assessments for learning. This one is for the Fantasy unit.


As an elementary school teacher, this was a very good year.

I helped kids successfully manage their standardized tests. Taught kids to read, write and appreciate mathematics. I taught kids the meaning of empathy. Taught kids to be proud. Taught kids to be respectful. Taught kids the importance of literature. I taught kids to celebrate when completing a writing piece. I taught kids to reflect on their learning.

I helped gather evidence and write my school’s accreditation report. I was a member of the strategic planning measurement team. I coached parents on the changes to the school’s math and literacy curriculum. I coached kids to write children’s books. I coached kids to love poetry. I gave two speeches at our school’s chapel services. I taught kids to solve their problems.

I mentored our incoming team leader. I received continuing professional development in literacy and educational technology. I dabbled in podcasting. I updated and designed curriculum in realistic fiction, poetry and fantasy genres. I created online tutorials for math homework. I started an online educational blog which now has over six hundred followers. I received excellent ratings from my school’s leadership during our formal evaluation process.

I received many notes of thanks from colleagues, parents and students.

My students wrote:

I like how Mr. Mernin gives us examples for how to do the problems.”

“He always shows us the way and explains it in a fun and interesting way so that’s why I like him so much.”

I like how he helps everyone, he helped me by explaining to me how to make inferences.”

“I like it because he make’s it sound easy for us and really fun.”

“Mr. Mernin always adds humor into the lessons and he makes learning fun. “

“Mr.Mernin is funny and is not boring.”

Mr.Mernin is strict sometimes too so we don’t go overboard with having fun. He gives strict grades. He is always pushing our thinking to the next level.”

What I like is that Mr.Mernin always lets us share. I also like that Mr.Mernin makes teaching fun and that he reads aloud.”

“ I like that Mr.Mernin is never TOO strict and is usually fun and humorous. I usually find it hard to work properly if a teacher is constantly berating me for my incompetence.”

“I like Mr. Mernin’s teaching because when we start a new unit, he will always tell us about it or give us a problem about what we’re learning.”

“I like how Mr. Mernin is always precise, especially in math. Whenever my lines are not straight, or I do not specify in my writing, He always reminds me to do my best to be precise.”

“I like how Mr. Mernin always tries to help us and if we could figure out what to do he lets us figure out what to do until we get it.”


And finally, one parent actually wrote:

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for spending more time with our son so that he may understand society, the meaning of life and the importance of Math. You are the best teacher at this school, Hong Kong, and maybe the world.”


Have a great summer, teachers. Rest up for another amazing year in 2013-2014.