Leadership Styles

There is the leadership of a Jack Welch and the leadership of a Joe Torre. Some operate with big sticks while others mindfully listen. There is the leadership of the missionary and the leadership of the visionary. Some are managers who administer and evaluate. And others are learners, who inspire and provoke. In the realm of leadership, each situation calls for its own response. The only size that fits all is who you are and knowing what the moment requires. Logarithms are for mathematicians. Leadership is idiosyncratic and at times improvisational. There is no script. It requires at any given moment that you draw on everything you know: from the playbook of life to the scriptures of the heart. Just because you dress in black and call your leadership entrepreneurial doesn’t mean you can stop greeting people in the hall. Leading is a verb and leadership is a noun. How you modify the two defines the confidence you elicit or the fear you create. I learned leadership through looking at myself from the inside out. I still am.


One thought on “Leadership Styles”

  1. One of the most profound descriptions of Leadership I have read. Bravo and thank you!
    The comparisons are “sot-on” and inspiring.
    As a 16 year educator and administrator I have just accepted my first job abroad, in China. I am perusing articles and blogs for confidence and reassurance that I have made the right decision. Your piece is amazing.

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