Living a Life Well Lived

So this is my 100th post since I began sending these out over three years ago! I’ve had so much fun over the past few days reflecting back on the incredible number of educational issues that we’ve thought about as a faculty over that long period of time, and I have to say how amazing it is to think about all that encompasses our profession…..who knew that there would be so much to say!  I celebrated this milestone by delivering my first TED talk at the Shanghai TEDx youth conference held at our school last weekend. The talk was titled, “Living a Life Well Lived”, and in the same spirit as my weekly Musings, I’d like to share the message…..

The biggest take away for me when I look back at the history of the various posts, and I try to unpack all that’s happened at our school since the beginning, is how unbelievably important and essential it is for educators to share….. their thoughts, their beliefs, their strategies, and their passion……education is a team sport so to speak, and we’re all better (especially our students) if we learn from each other, and grow together for the betterment of our vocation. Here’s the link, and I truly hope that you find it TED worthy… was nerve wracking and a little bit stressful but I believe that the message is important for all of us. We give so much of ourselves to everyone else (that’s just who we are as educators), but often times we forget about what’s really important in our lives….I hope you enjoy it.