Raising your own children in the international school in which you work – What’s so great about it?

Well, as I promised, we are going to delve into the nitty-gritty of the research outcomes. What are the great advantages, or benefits, of having your kids with you at school?  When I asked this question at dozens of workshops, seminars, lectures, research surveys or Graduate courses, – both with my own staff or with those coming to participate from innumerable international schools – I heard so many positive and grateful reflections. Their comments made for very long list.

Actually, I often used this information when I interviewed candidates with children for positions at one of my schools (in Spain, Guatemala, China and USA). I helped many of them understand and realize the value of this parental, personal, & professional experience. (No, I did not sugar-coat it, because I also revealed some of the challenges – stay tuned).

So, let’s see:  for those of you who have your own children in tow throughout this international foray – what would YOU say were the positives?  Perhaps you should make your own list before I give it all away in this blog post.  I would love to read your list.  It could be so much more worthwhile comparing the entries in your list, with those of hundreds of your colleagues.

Maybe, you should send out the link to this blog to your international school colleagues who also have children with them. I bet they have items which are similar to yours – and some may have differences.  Another great resource would be to ask your school counselors.  They have excellent insights into the experience – far beyond the individual educator or administrator, because they see, hear and deal with many of the families ‘behind the scenes.’

Perhaps you have friends “back home” who may have their own child in the private, charter or public/independent school in which they work – ask them, too. (it would be fascinating to compare the ‘home country’ experience to the ‘expatriate’ experience.)

I love reading your comments and promise to respond to them as I have in the past.

Keep reflecting and keep enjoying the positives of your international school experience – where you are.  Remember, the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence/ocean/continent/world.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Ettie Zilber

[email protected]

And, of course – Happy New Year. I wish for peace and normalcy throughout the world.

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