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Everyone has different abilities. Some people speak many languages, some can make sushi while others can create paintings. And some people need devices to help them along – devices like a wheelchair or a hearing aid. Here are some picture books that will be wonderful additions to any school or classroom library, allowing discussion on physical challenges.

I Can, Too! by Karen Autio, illustrated by Laura Watson, is a story of friendship between two children with diverse abilities.

Piper and Kayla are on the move. While Piper pedals her tricycle with her feet, Kayla uses her hands to move forward. On the ice, Kayla loves her sled while Piper zooms along on skates. And both friends love the playground.

The inspiration for I Can, Too! comes from the author’s daughter, who was born with spina bifida. Karen always welcomed questions by children so the unknown could be named and understood and children could get to know her daughter. I Can, Too! shines a much-needed spotlight on kids who use special gear to navigate the world It is also an affirming story of inclusion. ISBN 978-1443190084, Scholastic

Fast Friends by Heather M. O’Connor, illustrated by Claudia Dávila, is the story of Tyson who is always fast! He speeds around the playground, runs around the classroom and always has to wait for others. His teacher is always telling Tyson to slow down. Until a new friend arrives. Suze is in a shiny red wheelchair and wears a helmet. While everyone is careful and slow with her, Tyson just knows she loves speed, just like him. And when he gets a chance, they race around the school yard together. Suze can’t talk but her laugh tells everyone how much she loves being fast, too. 978-1-4431-7040-6, Scholastic

And in Friends Find A Way! by the same author and illustrator team, the two friends and their class visit the zoo on a fieldtrip. While everyone wants to see the camels and the giraffes, Tyson and Suze are only interested in the cheetahs. And when the pair gets lost, Suze saves the day by having a map.

978-1-4431-9386-3, Scholastic

Margriet Ruurs writes books for children on Canada’s West Coast and visits international schools around the world.