Virus Variants

Image created by Shwetangna Chakrabarty on Canva

The virus mutates into many variants just to survive. Infact, viruses mutate constantly, at least that is what I learnt in high school Biology. Their genetic code is prone to changes called mutations that can change how the virus looks or attacks its hosts. The interesting thing is that viruses mutate depending on their host environment. They read the virus genetic code and replicate it, making more of the virus. A mechanism that teaches us a lot to adapt to new changes. Here I am trying to be positive and discuss what we can learn from a virus variant.

This is one of the biggest lessons the Covid19 pandemic has taught me and many others. To survive we have to mutate or in literal terms, we have to learn to change and adapt.

So what does change look like? In a recent recruitment fair, I was asked by an applicant when was the last time I experienced change? Even though I was a bit taken aback as I was the one supposed to be asking questions; I got asked this rather nervous and unsure question. It made me ponder on the whole cataclysm of change. The nervousness, the edginess, the uncertainty makes us question a lot of things. Everyone, everywhere in the world is experiencing this strange unsure variant feeling. It is nerve-wracking, any change big or small. It is a feeling that you are losing control over your life or you do not know what to do next or you hesitate to make big decisions… It forces you to rethink everything, it is merciless, it torments you till you act, think and become different. The essence of survival. We need to adapt to survive. 

To answer the question when is the last time I experienced change? For me, it is every day, I can truly say I learn through change. The way variants learn to adapt in a new environment, I have adapted to or forced myself into new environments to learn. Moving home, moving countries, moving jobs and moving friends and family has been the greatest educator. Moving away from an established home every time taught me resilience and reason for hopes and dreams. Moving away from a country has taught me to respect other peoples’ opinions, to immerse into cultures and celebrate diversity. Moving from jobs has helped me to unravel fifty shades of myself; I can be fierce, loving, ambitious, complacent, helpful, ruthless all at the same time. There is so much more to discover who I am? Moving away from friends and family is the hardest and the most bitter-sweet feeling. You need to move but you don’t want to. This has taught me to keep my faith and develop courage. Even in the darkest hour of leaving everything behind have the faith and courage to see the silver lining. 

In the recent past, the world has undergone a massive change. A decade down the line this specific time will be as important a phase in the history of the world as the Renaissance or the two World Wars, changing the world forever. Whether it is artificial intelligence or the space frontier, we are undergoing cataclysmic change. The virus variants should teach us to keep evolving till we have achieved our purpose in life, change is for the best teacher. Don’t wait for change, force it if you want to grow or survive. Teach for Change and Learn to Change. Be Your Own Best Variant

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