We Can Heal

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A lot of harm, a lot of hurt,

A lot of anger, and a lot of sadness,

Alas! not a lot of healing.

Healing after harm, healing after hurt,

Healing from anger, healing from sadness,

Alas! not a lot of healing.

We cannot heal if we let the harm take over,

We get more hurt if we keep picking on our wounds,

Alas! not a lot of healing.

Our wound is scabbing and trying to heal,

Our anger keeps removing the scab and exposing it raw,

Our sadness stops the wound from healing, we keep probing the wound,

Alas! not a lot of healing.

Healing from injustice, healing from bias, healing from discrimination,

A lot said and a lot done,

Alas! not a lot of healing.

We heal when we find peace, we heal when we take the leap of faith,

We heal when we do not do to others what they did to us,

Alas! not a lot of healing.

You against me and me against you and against each other,

Not stopping till we bring everyone down, us and them,

Injustice will rejoice in its victory, for it turned us into them,

Alas! is healing ever possible?

If we keep hurting, we will keep hurting, revenge cannot heal,

Till the hurt engulfs us and we become what we wanted to fight,

Alas! is healing ever possible?

We heal by finding our space to grow, they take it away, our place to grow,

We keep finding it as we want to heal, we want to grow,

 We can heal.

Our hate, our hurt, and our harm cannot stop us from healing,

Our courage of pure surrender to justice will dismantle systemic injustice,

 We can heal.

Not naming and shaming, not crying and not shying,

But doing and moving and growing,

Being the better and the bigger person,

 We can heal.

This is a long fight, the fight of color,

Fear is the color of hurt and harm,

As it flows red if not contained,

Not in our veins, not on our hands do we want the red,

 We can heal.

Let in the soul force, not the sole force of blame,

Heal with love, heal from harm, heal for peace

For only truly healed us will heal the world.

 We can heal.

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