What’s New This Year?

Photograph taken by Shwetangna Chakrabarty in Guangzhou, China.

Happy New Year 2023!

Did you make your resolutions for 2023? Did you consider changes that are on the horizon? Are you prepared for what the year has to offer? Especially in international education? Do you know What’s New This Year?

The 2023 Buzz in International Education

  1. ChatGPT: The AI revolution happening in academia creates opportunities as well as poses challenges. ChatGPT is a controversial chatbot that claims and aims to refine language learning. While there are some benefits for those who genuinely want to test their language skills, it can also write essays and answers to prompts fed into the application. Since its launch in November students all over the world have been using it to generate essays to complete writing assignments. Schools have not yet figured out a way to detect this kind of cheating. Though there have been some software applications developed to identify assignments completed by ChatGPT, they are still not full proof. Finally, it comes down to the school teacher’s vigilance to detect anomalies in the style of writing. Some universities are taking this very seriously, they have developed systems to detect essays written by ChatGPT. Here are a few resources you can check to learn more about AI encroachment in academia.
  2. University Applications 2023: It seems getting into university in 2023 has become increasingly competitive. The first reason is the rebound in applications due to reducing Covid restrictions and the other reason is the test-optional strategy adopted by top universities. Post Covid, students who had deferred their entry are also applying for university admissions along with the class of 2023. According to Forbes, Common App has seen a 26% rise in applications to the US. Since the applicant pool this year is larger, it is naturally stronger, hence the early applications will be filled out quickly which means the regular decision round will be more competitive. Here are a few useful insights into admissions 2023
  3. Inclusion: The year will see a lot of changes in school policies, strategies, and practices. With most of the international education conversation focusing on inclusion, it is no longer an option to ignore diversity in its true avatar. Not just limited to international mindedness or global citizenship but truly focusing on enhancing workplace culture to be all-inclusive. Setting up support systems, and safe spaces for all learners has to be the priority of all schools. I strongly advise schools to include safe spaces and inclusion in their mission and vision statement to keep it real and focused on specific objectives. Creating a safe space ensures students develop a sense of belonging and hence learn better. Having a framework or standards of practice that provide guidance for achieving inclusion will be the number one priority for all schools in 2023. The post-Covid world is less forgiving and more aware, hence our students and parents won’t settle for lip service, they will need strategies, policies, and procedures in place to ensure their child feels safe, accepted, and valued. One example of such standards in education is the TIE Standards of Practice.

Time to buckle up, put on your seat belts and prepare for a smooth or rough ride ahead, depending on what your school values and prioritizes in 2023.

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