Will We Ever See The End of War?

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The battle in Ukraine makes one wonder, will we ever see the end of War?

I have always prayed for the war to end since childhood, I prayed for the war to end as my dad was in the armed forces. He had a long career in the Indian army as a doctor and commanding officer with many accolades to his name. He was often posted near the border, where he had to stay away from his family (me and my ma) for prolonged periods of time, and I always prayed for his safety. I prayed for everyone’s safety, I prayed to be able to see my dad again, I prayed for peace, and I have continued to do so like many around the world.

Like me, many are still desperately praying, but who is listening to our pleas and prayers? War in Syria, in Yemen, in Iraq, in Palestine, in Somalia, and now, in Ukraine. It never ends. Infact, we have managed to create a generation of orphans and refugees. It is said that no one wants war, so why have we not ended it once and for all? Why is it impossible to avoid conflict? What forces people to take up arms against each other? Why is it ok to sacrifice the young in war? Why do we never learn from the past?Will we ever see the end of War?

There is a way. The only way to end war is to end investing in armies! A country without an army, a continent without an army, and a world without an army. Is it too much to ask for? We have to stop investing in war, stop funding armies, stop profiteering through arms, and stop pseudo patriotism.

Sending young people to die in the name of patriotism is the biggest crime the world has let go unnoticed. Vindictive patriotism only rouses hatred against others, the pseudo patriotic sentiments sold in blockbuster movies brainwash people and they refuse to see reason. Eventually, patriotism evolves into jingoism. Hence we see no end to War. If we want to end the destruction, we need to get rid of all armies along with pseudo patriotism.

There are many statistics to support warfare, funded by our never-ending lust for power and wealth, but there are also many stories of women, men, and children dying. Unlike the people that start it, war doesn’t discriminate who it takes. Ultimately, we need to decide what we let control our decisions – meaningless statistics or the stories of sacrifice. We need to lift the blindfold that years of politics, jingoism, capitalism, and patriotism have shrouded us in. We need to unite as One World – No Army, No War. Else the end of world is closer than the end of war.

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