Terms Definitions: Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing Models

In recent years, there has been a remarkable surge of attention and resources focused on artificial intelligence (AI). This topic has been further amplified by the sudden appearance of ChatGPT and the development of Large Language Models (LLMs) models. While these changes hold immense promise, the constantly evolving terminology, acronyms, nouns, and labels associated with AI can feel challenging to unpack and understand.  

As educators, it is vital for us to have a good grasp of AI definitions and terminology, particularly when it comes to integrating these technologies into the classroom. Not only does this knowledge support our capacity to effectively communicate with our students and colleagues, but it also empowers us to integrate these tools into our lessons and units.

A good understanding of AI terminology supports educators with the tools to navigate ethical considerations associated with AI implementation, such as bias and privacy concerns. By delving deeper into these concepts, educators can support their students in developing critical thinking skills and preparing them to tackle the ethical dilemmas they may encounter as they navigate the digital world.

While the abundance of AI resources available can be overwhelming, it is important for educators to find time to become familiar with AI terminology and concepts. This is an important step for those seeking to integrate AI into their classrooms.

By taking the time to understand AI terminology, educators can navigate the complex landscape of AI with greater confidence and integrate it into their classrooms .

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